How to Play Pai Gow Poker Now to Win Tomorrow

No one argues that understanding play rules is a necessary precondition to start a game. Therefore gambling sites developers took care of their clients were properly acquainted with the laws of all proposed games. For example, numerous card followers would like to know how to play pai gow poker. This interest is stipulated by high popularity of this version. Some onlookers were attracted by its exquisite name, other ones heard something about its original principle. Thankfully, the question where to play poker is not so pressing for today’s gamblers. After assimilating conventional rules, a client has a wide range of playing spots to apply the got knowledge into practice.

What does it look like? In accordance with pai gow rules, six players and a dealer should gather to start a game. Each participant gets in 7 cards, face down. These are used by him/her to compile two hands: 2 and 5-cards. As 5-cards hand is supposed to be higher than 2-cards one, these are named respectively as “high” and “low” or “big” and “small”.

How do you think why this special pair of hands was included into the game by its developers? A simple answer is to intensify a game intrigue. As a matter of fact, it is only 2-cards hand that is used afterwards by a player. However, to have a possibility to proceed to hands comparison, a bettor should make sure his/her 2-cards hand is actually lower than 5-cards one. Hence, this situation is one more factor that influences challengers’ winning odds.